near Bucharest, Romania

private house

credits: Alexandru Muntean | David Stancu

structure: Radu Matei

mechanical&electrical: Alecsandru Stancu

We have designed this house for a middle-age couple that had a typical plot of 450 sqm near Bucharest. Due to the local zoning setbacks the resulting volume was very compact and placed towards the center of the plot. With two simple cuts, we carved the volume and made room for the covered entrance and the back terrace. We take great care at surrounding the house with lots of vegetation that provides shade and intimacy, we also provide ways for the plants to climb onto the architecture thus connecting the house with the site.


Above the terrace we've made a sky well - a high space that is open on the top but closed on the perimeter. This space establishes a relation between the sky the owners and the garden.

With simple cladding materials: wood and white render we set the lines for a clear and restrained aesthetic.