Tancabesti near Bucharest, Romania

Guest house

credits: Alexandru Muntean | Valeriu Nicolaides | Alexandrina Remescu Simo

Calin Lambrache

structure: Radu Matei

mechanicla&electrical: Alin Ungureanu

Our proposal is situated in the vicinity of Lake Tâncăbești, surrounded by apple orchards and fields of different crops. This is where the client wanted a rural guest house built with modest means, thus our solution emphasizing the strong relationship between the building and the garden while using a refrained architectural expression.

For this building, pavilions were used to create an arrangement inspired by South-Eastern Asian local architecture, in which different volumes holding wide eaves are connected by passageways that are covered yet open towards the landscape. This type of spatial composition fits in with the idea of hollows and informal spaces  that offer this guest house in the Romanian countryside it's distinct character and charm. Being more of a summer guest house the emphasis is put on the exterior space: covered entrances, passageways, pavilions,  porches and less on the interior space which is designed to meet the minimum requirements.

Main courtyard view

Entrance view

Main courtyard view