Bucharest, Romania

residential masterplan

credits:  Alexandru Muntean | Dan Andresan  | Calin Lambrache | David Stancu  

The master-plan is developed on a 84 000 sqm plot in the North of Bucharest in the vicinity of a small lake. This is a medium density project made up of 3 different typologies: long apartment blocks, compact apartment blocks and small houses.


The central idea behind the master-plan is very simple: keeping all the car circulation on the perimeter of the plot with the parking going underground and freeing up space for the middle of the plot to function as a big garden with amenities. The distribution of the 3 typologies follows this logic, with the perimeter blocks organized into long bars that enclose the center and only open toward the lake where we placed the small houses, in the middle of this courtyard we placed the more compact apartment buildings and the public amenities: swimming pools, playgrounds, and a small lake.