Tunari, near Bucharest, Romania

office + industry

credits: Alexandru Muntean | David Stancu

structure: Radu Matei

mechanical&electrical: Alecsandru Stancu

The project is developed for Aerzen, a german industrial compressor company. The building serves as it's headquarters in Romania hosting both offices and the industrial repair shop. The building is located just outside Bucharest on the main ring road surrounding the city.

The headquarters is clearly divided in 2 parts with 2 distinct types of facade: the industrial part (steel structure) is clad in Aerzen's blue corrugated metal and the offices (reinforced concrete structure) are clad in silver corrugated metal. 

While drawing inspiration from the lines of cladding material we design a simple facade where the corrugated metal is installed both vertically and horizontally. 

Entrance view

Road view

Entrance view